Soak up the Sun With One of these Awesome Room Additions

Adding-on a room to a house is a big, expensive job, yet when your family has outgrown space, it’s a much more viable option than relocating.  But things are different nowadays and adding on a new room is something that can add flair and prestige to a home.

Rather than settle for a traditional room addition, why not add one of the following to the home instead? Adding one of the following rooms is less expensive than a traditional room addition, but nonetheless provides the added space that you need -with tons of added benefits.


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A sunroom is exactly what it sounds like: a room that allows users to enjoy the sun inside a closed room. This keeps pests away, ensures that the harmful UV rays from the sun don’t affect you, and allows you to enjoy the fresh air and cool breezes. Sunrooms offer amazing versatility so the ideas for usage are endless.

Screen Enclosure

Perhaps adding on a full sunroom is out of budget. That leaves you with the option of adding a screen enclosure to the home instead. You can enclose a patio or deck or add it on as a bonus room to the house. The costs of practical screen enclosures calgary makes it feasible for more people to make this addition.


Want space to grow your plants, vegetables, flowers, and fruits without added worry? A conservatory is the perfect space to add to your home. It gives you a greenhouse that can help produce magnificent greenery for the home.

A New Room is Yours

Sometimes we need more space than what’s available in our homes. The room additions above are a few of the many that can provide the space that your family needs in a unique, fun way that enhances your home. Consider one of these additions when you need or want more space.