Why There Was A Tick In The First Place

Tick-tock, tick-tock, the clock is ticking actually. Because before you know it, you could be sitting with a ticking time bomb, quite literally so, as it turns out. Now, before you blame the dawg for bringing pests into the yard, this is what you do. You scan the yard real hard and think carefully about what you see. But if it’s spotlessly clean, as clean as the cleanest restroom in town, then commendations to you.

But still. Here’s a tick. And you wonder how it got there. Don’t look at the dawg with those glaring eyes. It’s hardly its fault. What you could do in the meantime is act as though you were the meanest sleuth in town. Or don your favorite superhero cape, whichever you prefer, and go have a look at what’s happening in your neighbor’s yard. And therein lies the clue. No good calling the law. They’re hardly going to help beyond slapping these guys with a fine.

residential tick control mobile

No, what you could always do is this. Call the residential tick control mobile squad is what you do. They are exactly what they say. They’re here to remove every single blasted last tick that they can find, from one end of the yard to the next. And as the (ex)terminator once said back in the day; I’ll be back. Because this is what they need to do. Once they’ve laid down the treatment that kills all living ticks, there’s no telling that more will come.

Like most dangerous, filthy pests, they’re pretty tenacious creatures. They’re always greedy for more. More of your dirt. More of your pet’s blood. No, your residential tick control mob have to come back every once in a while just to make sure these critters don’t ever come back.